Best Tips For Safely Removing Ice From Your Windshield

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Unless you have a garage or carport where you can park, your car is constantly exposed to the elements. The winter months can be frustrating for many car owners because ice and snow tend to accumulate on the windshield of your car.

While removing ice from your windshield may seem like a no-brainer, doing it wrong runs certain risks that will have you running for an auto glass repair shop. Fortunately, there are some tips you can use to safely remove ice from your windshield.

Gradually Heat Up the Windows

You are likely familiar with the defrost setting your car has, but do you know how to use it properly? It is better to gradually heat up the windows in your vehicle to remove ice from them. The purpose of heating up the windows slowly is to prevent the glass from cracking or shattering.

When you are in a rush to leave your house, you may be tempted to try anything to remove ice from your windshield, which may include using a hairdryer or pouring hot water over the ice. Unfortunately, such mistakes can cause damage to your windshield. Auto glass repair experts even warn that the use of hot water may remove the protective wax from your windshield and leave a watermark.

Instead, turn your car on and allow it to run for a few minutes so the engine warms up. Next, turn on the defrost and set it to the maximum heat setting to melt the ice. While the process might not be as quick as you like, it is far better than damaging your windshield.

Use a Spray to De-Ice Your Windows

Another fast and easy way to remove ice from your windows is to use a de-icer. Of course, you will need to have a de-icer on hand for this method to work. If you live in a state that is prone to a lot of snow and ice during the winter, you should always keep a bottle on you.

Spray a light layer of de-icer on your windows and allow it to work in conjunction with the defrost. If you do not have a de-icer on hand, you can try mixing up a solution of two parts rubbing alcohol to one part water. For every 2 cups of solution you have, add a ½ teaspoon of dish detergent.

Remove it with a Plastic Scraper

Another ideal recommendation is to keep a plastic scraper on hand. Use the plastic scraper to help remove snow and ice from your windshield. If you are already using the defroster and the de-icer, the plastic scraper will help speed up the process. Do not attempt to use your keys or anything metal. A plastic scraper is your best tool since anything metal could damage your windshield.

In the Event of Damage

If you happen to damage your windshield while attempting to remove ice and snow, make sure you contact a professional about auto glass repair. Similarly, if your windshield is already damaged, make sure you reach out to an expert as soon as possible. Cold weather can cause cracks in your glass to spread. Further, cracks in your windshield, depending on their size and position, can be cause for a ticket since they can obstruct your view.

Do not let damage to your windshield ruin your day, nor should you let that damage worsen under cold, wintery conditions. An auto glass repair shop can help you fix your windshield. Many auto glass repairs can be done within the same day or at least by the next day, which means you won't have to go without your vehicle for long.