Repairing A Windshield That Has A Chip

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Damage to a car's windshield can be a major issue due to obstructing the vision of the driver and potentially being more likely to fail during an accident. Chips are among the most common types of issues that a car owner's windshield may need to have repaired.  

Repairing A Chipped Windshield May Be Covered By Your Insurance

When a windshield has suffered extensive damage, it can be easy for a car owner to assume that they will not be covered for the cost of repairing this part of the vehicle by insurance. In reality, most insurance policies provide some coverage for damage to the windshield. This will often be limited coverage that may only cover the costs of repairing the glass rather than replacing it. However, it can always be useful to consult with your insurance policy to determine the scope of the coverage that you enjoy for this essential repair.

Even Minor Chips Can Lead To A Windshield Needing To Be Replaced

Due to the fact that chips in the windshield will often start out fairly small, individuals may make the mistake of neglecting to have this repair done in a timely manner. This can result in the vehicle's windshield potentially needing to be completely replaced in the future. Prompt patching of a chip can stop it from growing large enough to compromise the entire pane of glass, which can potentially save a person hundreds of dollars. Repairing the glass before seasons with dramatic temperature changes can be important because the thermal shock that can come with these swings in temperature may increase the chances of the chip growing.

It May Not Be Possible To Correct Poorly Applied Repair Resin

When a chip is patched, this will most often be done with the use of a resin that can be applied to the damaged section of the glass. Once it dries, this resin will form a very strong bond with the glass that will prevent it from being removed. Individuals that buy a glass patching kit can be far more likely to make mistakes when repairing this damage that may cause there to be visible blemishes on the windshield. These issues can impact the driver's ability to see out of the glass while also potentially compromising the look of the car. Having the windshield chip professionally repaired will ensure that the resin is applied to be as discrete as possible while still repairing and reinforcing the chipped portion of the glass.

If you've noticed a chip, reach out to a professional who provides windshield chip repair services.