Why Glass Reigns Supreme In The Bathroom

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When it comes to your bathroom, there are a lot of common materials that seem irreplaceable. Tiles are virtually universal throughout every bathroom in America, and most fixtures are made out of metal because they are strong enough to last for years at a time with no maintenance. However, it might seem odd that glass is still so popular in most bathrooms when an easy alternative is available in plastic. What makes a glass shower door or enclosure so much better than plastic? Here are a few reasons why glass remains ideal for all things bathroom-related.


The glass used in shower doors and enclosures is very well manufactured and can put up with a tremendous amount of weight and force before cracking or showing any visible signs of duress. On the other hand, plastic shower doors are extremely bendy, and if you lean on them because you slipped or lost your balance, you very likely could snap them. They are quite thin and do not feel sturdy when opening and shutting, which makes it feel as though you are in a kind of kids' toy and not a proper shower, which many find disconcerting.

Easier To Clean

Plastic shower doors and enclosures will always have some kind of metal frame to make sure it stays in place and does not slowly warp out of position. These metal borders can collect grime and soap scum a lot easier than glass because, more often than not, glass is frameless. It is sturdy enough to not require a metal outline, which makes it that much easier to clean. When you think about the many dozens of times you will end up having to scrub your shower door for far longer, glass seems like a much more appealing choice.

Looks Better In The Light

There are some semi-intangible aspects to glass that make it better than plastic in a lot of ways that you have to see to understand. One of them is the way glass interacts with light. After all, you want your bathroom to be a fairly visible space, but one that is also beautiful and enjoyable to be in. Glass diffuses light in much more appealing ways than plastic and makes the whole room feel very light and cheerful. Plastic, on the other hand, is quite muted in this respect and feels like more of a dull piece of equipment rather than a feature in its own right.

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