Textured And Tinted Glass Shower Doors For Privacy And Decorative Effects

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For a relatively simple upgrade to a bathroom, homeowners can have glass shower doors installed to replace the curtain. These products are available in a wide variety of styles, whether consumers want doors for a combination bathtub-shower or a standalone version. Glass doors enhance the bathroom with a more pleasing aesthetic effect. Clear glass is the most common choice for these features, but other options can be chosen for privacy or decorative reasons. 


People might want privacy in the shower to make it convenient for someone else in the household to use the sink and mirror at the same time. This isn't usually an issue for spouses or domestic partners, but it is problematic for roommates and other relationships. For instance, one teenage girl might shower while her sister brushes her teeth and dries her hair.

Decorative Effects

Another reason to choose opaque doors is for the decorative effects of textured or frosted glass. Tinted glass also can be installed, with the color opaque enough to block visibility. Some homeowners like tints to match or complement other colors in the room.


Textured glass has a pattern on one side, which is accomplished by etching. Swirls and wavy textures are some of the more frequently purchased products. True abstract images can be chosen as well. 

Frosted glass is also textured but is entirely covered by markings created by etching or sandblasting. This type of glass is often seen in windows where homeowners want privacy from people outside of the building. Those windows are most commonly installed in bathrooms.

In the shower, frosted glass has the distinct advantage of hiding water spots. People who are bothered by water spots and continually feel compelled to wipe the surface off will appreciate that.


Tinted glass shower doors are available in an array of colors. Lighter hues can be combined with the frosting feature to make an opaque design. Other possibilities involve choosing darker colors that would naturally prevent visibility into the shower area. Homeowners must consider that this significantly reduces light inside the shower space. They might need to reconfigure their bathroom's lighting scheme.

Choosing a Design

Both standalone and in-tub showers can have frameless or framed doors installed. Homeowners can consider styles that best fit the color scheme and other features in their bathroom. When they have a relatively specific idea for what would be preferable, it's time to reach out to a glass contractor at the earliest convenience.