This Is Why You Should Get A Cracked Window Repaired ASAP

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Having a window in one's home develop a crack can go unnoticed for some time, and even when one does see it, it often goes neglected. However, if you've noticed that there's a crack in the glass of one of your windows, you shouldn't put off getting help for it. Getting a fix from a professional now can save you from a lot of problems later, like these three.


Glass is surprisingly strong when it comes to being exposed to vibrations. After all, it wouldn't survive in car windows and windshields otherwise. However, that's only true while the glass is structurally intact as a solid pane.

When cracks develop, it undermines the structural integrity of the glass. From that point forward, any vibrations traveling through your home can worsen the crack, and ultimately cause the glass to fully break. This includes vibrations from things like loud music, cars driving by, trains going by, or anything else that typically sends a rumble traveling through your home.

Weather Exposure

Another good reason why you shouldn't leave the crack alone is that it's exposing your home to the weather conditions outside. Heat can get in more easily, as can cold. This can increase your energy bills and can cause the room to be abnormal in temperature when compared to the rest of your house.

Risk of Wood Rot

Unfortunately, cold and heat aren't the only things coming in from outdoors. Moisture can easily come through that crack, too.

Moisture is a problem because it develops readily on glass. Water from rain can certainly come in, but even the morning dew developing on a windowpane from the heat striking a cool piece of glass can create enough moisture for it to seep through the crack.

When moisture comes in near a window, it can cause a lot of problems for you. You'll likely have mold start to develop in your curtains or window shades, but that's not all. Wood rot also typically follows, which can undermine the entire structural integrity of your window and its frame, not just the glass. If wood rot becomes severe enough, it will not only pose a potential health hazard to you and your family, but it can also mean replacing the entire window and possibly part of the wall, as well.

Like almost any home repair, time is of the essence and can mean the difference between a quick and affordable fix and a huge headache with a big bill attached to it. The moment you notice that there's a crack in the glass of your home, contact a pro for a glass repair or pane replacement.